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Renewable Energy Developers is an innovative developer that implements state of the art systems tailored to meet the client’s specifications. 

Our team has so far installed over 8,700 KW of solar generating capacity in Jamaica of which many are marked as “lighthouse” projects for innovation and visibility that have contributed towards the overall acceptance of solar energy in Jamaica. Great examples of this are the solar system and solar cooling system that we have installed at the Digicel headquarters in Kingston and the installation we did at the Content 20 MW solar farm which is the first solar farm of Jamaica. 

RED mainly targets commercial clients in the manufacturing and service industry. Our approach is targeted towards high quality, the professional implementation that reduces the stress on you and your team as much as possible while we build your solar energy system. 

We build our solar energy systems to work for 25 years or more with high-quality components that attract solid warranties. Our product portfolio has many new and innovative solutions that we introduce exclusively. 

 We make Solar Energy work for you


At RED we first start to carefully analyze your needs and tailoring a system unique to each customer. Through self-developed simulation software, we are able to demonstrate upfront exactly what the system will deliver. Monitoring systems as part of our overall installation that can monitor the goals we have set upfront. 

Solar panel mounting systems are checked by our local structural engineering team where needed and are delivered up to the standards set by the insurance industry. Our design team makes sure upfront that the design is up to local standards. All components that we use are of the highest industrial quality standards but at the same time, we make sure that we can deliver at a competitive price level. 

We offer a wide range of different solutions such as special solar panels, different types of solar inverter systems and special battery solutions. In the end, you will get a system fully warranted that will work for 25 years and more.


In order to provide our clients with the right solutions we sometimes have to overcome specific needs. Therefore we offer special solutions such as our solar membrane panels for flat roofs. These panels are specifically developed for PVC membrane roofs and are heat welded on the existing roof, thus providing an installation with 0% penetrations into the roof and significantly lower overall weight. 

Also, we have special panels that can make the panel installation look better or for instance a special solar system approach that can be expanded in many different ways in the future. With the need for energy storage now increasing we are using cutting-edge lithium battery technology that will work for 30 years and more.

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I am the owner of Red and have over 18 years of experience in implementing solar PV and solar cooling systems here in Jamaica.


I am a project manager for red and have implemented several projects since 2014. I also do structural drawings for RED


We are structural engineer that has been working closely with red since 2013 to make sure each solar system can withstand hurricane wind speeds of 150 Mph.







Renewable Energy Developers was founded in 2010 by Maikel Oerbekke and Kerry-Ann Warren. During 2010 RED focused on a project developing and represented SOLID out of Austria. Together with SOLID, we developed a major project for MBJ airport that has the potential to save up to 80% energy reduction through a large solar cooling system. This project has yet to be installed due to lack of financing. In that same year, RED joined forces with Marvin Goodman and Associates as part of the team for the NHT innovative Dry Valley contest for a housing development/community for 1500 houses. Our team won the contest partly through our contribution that demonstrated an innovative way to finance renewable energy systems for development. We are pending the go ahead for this project to be finalized by the NHT. 

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